The World of Business is constantly changing. The days of excessively long work hours and isolation at the office are becoming a thing of the past. Researchers have found that employee output falls drastically after 50 hours a week. According to a study published by John Pencavel of Stanford University, adding longer hours to your work week leads to a higher turnover and a higher rate of absenteeism. Companies are also finding other important ways of increasing profits and productivity by changing outdated, stagnant and isolation induced ideas of office work space. For example, many businesses now offer standing desks and running workstations for those who are opposed to, or unable to, sit for long periods of time. This is good news for everyone. The more we move, the more oxygen flows throughout the body. This is both good for health in the body and stimulation of the mind. Furthermore, many employees are ditching old, under producing ideas of separating workers by department. They are now adapting new ways of bringing leaders from different departments together into one work space. This type of desk sharing is taking the business world by storm as it proves itself to contribute to higher productivity which leads to better work environments, and more profits. If you want to create the best work place, increase profits and encourage creative innovation, you will definitely want to know 7 reasons why desk sharing is a good idea for your business.

1. Increases Inspiration and Innovation. Over 20 years ago I attended a conference at a very successful national marketing firm. The key component of their company success was their ability to creatively innovate new and better ways of being successful. How did they do this? The entire team working on an account would fit themselves into a small closet and bounce ideas off of each other. Not exactly rocket science. The idea behind it was to fit the most creative energy of ideas into the smallest space. They got results. Desk sharing allows you to continually share creative space with co-workers (and leave the closet for supplies!)

2. Saves Space and Resources Which Reduces the Cost of Overhead. Multiple desks take up a lot of space. According to an article published by Entrepreneur, Brian Patrick Eha, shares that between 2012 and 2013, a business owner renting an average 1,500-square-foot office, paid $60 more a month. Desk sharing allows you to conduct business in a smaller, more cost efficient space. Office supplies can add up as a significant cost of business. Sharing supplies by using a desk sharing design can save you money on office space and supplies.

3. Builds a Better Working Environment by Creating a Sense of Community. Working together on ideas and efforts for successful projects builds community. Those who feel a sense of belonging to a community are happier and have a sincere, eager desire to help other team members achieve their goals. This increases company productivity. Employees who are happy at work tend to be absent less frequently. Also, having a sense of well-being reduces stress, which in turn, improves overall health. Desk sharing contributes to team building, which creates a sense of community resulting in a more productive and healthier company environment.

4. Keeps Everyone in “The Know” regarding company information. Being kept abreast of changes in information and company direction, increases trust in employees which creates a sense of empowerment and loyalty. Desk sharing allows for fast, easy communication between co-workers allowing them to keep focused on the objective and use time efficiently.

5. More Mobility. Today “mobile” offices are common. Employees are working back and forth at different locations of company offices. Some work from home, on the road or at the client location. We live in a world that is constantly on the move. Desk sharing takes this into consideration. Instead of allocating individual office space that may lay dormant for long period of time, it is more efficient to share a space. In addition, separate desk space may lead to important time sensitive information and files to go unnoticed. Desk sharing keeps company information and files all in one area, even when the employees are mobile.

6. Promotes Information Technology. According to an article published by International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education, Jim Greer points out, “Increasingly, organizations are geographically distributed with activities coordinated and integrated through the use of information technology. Such organizations face constant change and the corresponding need for continual learning and the renewal of their workers.” In the modern day world, few work in a vacuum. We are more interconnected than ever before in history. We are also inundated with information and technology like never before. What poses even more of a challenge is the fact that information continues to change at a rapid pace. Desk sharing allows for employees to share updated information technology with their team. Company owners may also choose to put an information technology leader at every work station. This saves time and increases accurate output.

7. Makes it Easier For Employees to Cover For Each Other. Let’s face it, life happens. Employees become ill, take vacations and take time off for family needs or maternity leave. The shared desk space design helps employees to help each other. Close proximity enables co-workers know where each of them are, on certain projects or with each respective client. Information and files are also in a shared location. This makes it easy for another employee to pick up where their team member left of, without losing time. This leads to better efficiency, good customer satisfaction and increased productivity.

Any company or business looking to increase profits by increasing productivity, should seriously think about desk sharing. The concept works for all types and sizes of companies, as they make 2 person workstations, 3 person workstations, 4 person workstations and 6 person workstations. Or, you may want to consider standing or running desks. The point is, the world is constantly changing and moving. We need to keep moving forward with it. Considering the 7 reasons desk sharing is a good idea to improve your business makes sense in creating your perfect work space.


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